Truth about the founder behind ERT

WHO AM I? The three words I wrote on a piece of paper 10 years ago, and that is where the ERT journey started … From there on I saw models for my inner sight, the first model was “the now”, it thought me to stop and feel my emotions, but since I had suppressed them for so long, it was very difficult for me in the beginning.

My next question was “How do I get to know and understand my emotions?” Then I was guided to look into the 5 basic emotions: Love, anger, grief, envy and fear, and all of a sudden I could see myself in a new light – in a complete new understanding of WHO I HAD BECOME. What I experienced was, that I felt one emotion but through my reaction pattern I showed something else, to hide my actual emotion and vulnerable inner self.

I believe most of us are afraid of not being accepted by community, and therefore we live a life hiding our individual self through a personality created just for us to fit in. That personality is a shield to be broken, so now the question is, are you ready to experience not just who you have become, but who you actually are?

I would love to share all I know about the NOW - so you can experience WHO YOU ARE!


Luise Thye-Østergaard

Luise is the founder of the Emotional Reflection Theory, she has a master from Copenhagen Business School, further she is EMCC-Certificered Coach, guide and teacher. She works from the belief that every change starts with the individual and she has a great track record in teaching personale development both one to one and one to many.

LT Academy

LT Academy believes that every experience is here for us to learn – the question is; are you ready to learn, and have you got the simple tools you need in order to make the necessary actions and changes in your life? At LT Academy we take great pleasure in teaching and we love to share our simple tools, which we have developed through the last 10 years working with individuals and groups.

The seed for the Emotional Reflection Theory was planted 10 years ago, and nurtured further when I join a team to start a new professional bachelor degree.
I was responsible for the emotional wellbeing of the students and here I experienced that it could be done differently and in a more efficient way with the responsibility given back to the student so they did not feel dependent on a coach.
I believe in setting people free to live and experience who they are - in the NOW!


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education