This module takes you a step further from the mediator role, where focus is for you to master the theory for yourself, now you are to master the theory helping others. You learn and practice how you can help others to let go of inappropriate reaction patterns by helping them to introduce simple tools for them to implement in their daily life with challenges in the NOW.

The purpose of the second module is to reflect upon everything learned and experienced during the first module. Therefore recognized experts who have written on similar topics in other ways are involved. This gives a possibility not only to reflect but also to create an understanding of own role as a Therapist.

A Therapist helps the client to overwrite shocks and traumas in the now. The access is talking about inappropriate reaction patterns with fight, flight or freeze and through simple tools from the ERT toolbox assist the client in staying in the now, so the client convince the nerve system, that there is no danger, and it is safe to stay in the now with an appropriate reaction.

This module is obligatory if you want to continue your RAB certification, because one thing is to learn and understand the theory for yourself, another thing is to master it in a way, so you can teach other to live a meaning full life.


- Starts January 2023
- 9 modules = 180 hours
- Online
- Offline
- Offline location in Fredensborg
- Exam end 2023


- xx days with learning treats
- Inspiring Guest Teachers
- Compendium 300 pages
- Practical exercises
- 4 hours supervision one to one
- Course certificate = Therapist

This module ends with an exam consisting of both a written assignment off 15-20 pages and an oral exam, you have to illustrate how you combine your personal journey with Emotional Reflection Theory and is able to assist others in their journey in the NOW. This assignment is obligatory for you to continue to the RAB Certification. You will receive a module certificate.

True joy is found in helping others to find their authentic self in the now!




Behaviour and reaction patterns put into perspective

  • RP in perspective

  • 2-tal

    Research in cell biology and your DNA




    Research on the energy of the heart




    Research on placebo and the power of the thought


    Research on how emotions impact on what is happening in our lives

  • Research on how emotions impact our lives

  • 8-tal



    Manifestation and reflection

  • What is a good ERT-Coach and how will you form your life in helping others

    Dates for the first ERT-Coaches:

    (Starts 2022 - there may be changes in the dates)

    Module 1:   29-30 January both days 9-16.30
    Module 2:   19-20 February both days 9-16.30
    Module 3:   10 March 19-22
    Module 4:    2-3 April both days 9-16.30
    Module 5:   14 April 19-22
    Module 6:   31 April and 1 May both days 9-16.30
    Module 7:   21-22 May both days 9-16.30
    Module 8:   2 June 19-22
    Module 9:   11-12 June all days 9-16.30


    ERT-Coaching is all about staying confident in the now


    We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education