Welcome to the educational platform at LT-Academy, here you can read about education in regard to the Emotional Reflection Theory.

Everything we wish to change in our lives is reflected back to us through our emotions. Change is not about what has happened in our lives or what might happen. Instead it is to understand that the learning we need to change is happening in the now.

In the now emotions are reflected back giving us a possibility to learn for ourselves so we can help others. The education consists of tools that will make it easy to stop in the now and change inappropriate reaction patterns in life that is holding back the authentic self.

The education is a combination of both theory and practise and is thought online and offline. Together with fellow students it is possible to study, work and practise in a trustworthy room, so each student can be familiar with the tools. The result is that all gained practical experience and can act as a mirror for own customers.

The main purpose of the ERT Education is human evolution through work with emotional reflection

The structure of the education comes in 3 different modules:

Education hours: 60
Practice hours: 20

Price: 33.000 DKK

One to one
Education hours: 180
Practice hours: 100

Price: 63.000 DKK

One to many
Education hours: 40
Practice hours: 50
Practical exam

Price: 45.000 DKK

You have to start your personal journey, thereafter you can continue to become a Therapist (including RAB certification) The personal journey is obligatory if you want to be a Therapist or Instructor . Throughout all modules you will have a personal mentor.

Change happens in the now -
not in the past and not in the future!

Helping others starts with the help of one self ...

– LT-Academy believes that the best coaches,
therapist and instructors are created ...

– starting with one self.


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education