Mediator is the initial module of the Emotional Reflection Theory – Education. The module introduces you to the simple ERT toolbox to implement in the NOW, so you can overwrite past shock or trauma living present in your nervous system and affecting how you react in your daily life. You learn to let go of inappropriate reaction patterns by understanding your emotions and calming your thoughts. This helps you to stay present in the now, and that is a true gift in your personal life, and if you want to continue your ERT Education, because the more you are true to your authentic self, the easier it is for you to assist others in unfolding their authentic self and true potential.

What is a Mediator? A Mediator has taken a personal journey through the Emotional Reflection Theory, and is now ready to share the ERT toolbox with own clients – but only on an informative basis.


- Second start August 2022
- 10 modules = 60 hours
- Online 7 evenings of 4 hours
- Offline 4 days of 7 hours
- Offline location in Fredensborg


- 3 offline days with learning treats
- Inspiring guest teachers
- 5 books
- 6 hours supervision one to one between the lectures
- Course certificate = Mediator

The Mediator module ends with a written assignment on 5-10 pages, where you have to illustrate your personal development journey with Emotional Reflection Theory as part of you everyday life. This assignment is obligatory for you to continue to the ERT-Coach module, and you will receive a course certificate.

Help yourself first – before you start helping other!




Awareness upon yourself

  • Question asked: Who have you become as a result of you DNA, your upbringing and your choices?
  • We look at subconscious shocks and traumas (influencing 90-95% of your daily behavior)
  • We look at reaction patterns that keep you from healing
  • Negative thought patterns and emotional blockages
  • We start the journey by looking at your created personality so we can find your individual and vulnerable core
  • Let go of fear of not being accepted
  • Your create new awareness upon yourself

  • 2-tal

    Stop to feel and understand your emotions

  • Question asked: How emotions are awakened in reflection, and affect our reaction patterns?
  • We find out what emotions control your life, and create inappropriate reaction patterns (freeze, fight or flight)
  • We focus on the 5 basic emotions (Love, fear, anger, grief and envy)
  • We look the connection between emotions and organs
  • We work with emotions covering each other
  • You will find out if you are held back from fear or driven by love

  • 3-tal

    Your story – Your narrative (Guest Teacher)

  • Question asked: How the story you have build through life is affecting your NOW?
  • We look at your story - your narrative, that you can change
  • We look at the needs hidden in your story
  • We look at the negative sides of your story, that leeds to destructive patterns
  • We work with your story created in relation with others (X is good = I am bad)
  • You will see your story in a new light

  • 4-tal

    Your body is in focus

  • Question asked: How is your body, what is it hiding, and what does it need to let go and create room for personal healing?
  • We touch upon the detox theme, and how food can influence body, emotions and reaction patterns
  • We look at what your body is holding on to
  • We investigate how food can influence your wellbeing and challenge your addictions
  • We test techniques: Filtered water, grounding, yoga, meditation, gua-sha and sleep
  • You will experience new sides of yourself

  • 5-tal

    Let go of control and surrender in trust

  • Question asked: What is needed to let go of control and surrender with trust to the circumstances?
  • We work with the word thanks, so you can learn to find gratitude, also when life i challenging
  • We look at gratitude as crucial for learning
  • We investigate the experience of trust withou control
  • You surrender with patience to the reality in the NOW

  • 6-tal

    The power of your thoughts

  • Question asked: How are your thoughts, are the primarily positive or negative?
  • We look at your positive and negative thought patterns
  • We create more room for your emotions, so your negative thoughts loose influence/power
  • We work with neutralising shocks and traumas with the rational mind (16 seconds rule)
  • We challenge the way to create balance in life
  • You will find out, how you think about others and yourself

  • 7-tal_b

    Beliefs affect your brain

  • Question asked: How does your belief system effect you now and in the future?
  • We work with over writhing negative beliefs and formulating new ones to set you free from your story. (We use your story from module 3)
  • We focus on routines and patterns that are holding you back from creating the changes need for you to create a meaning full life
  • We look at the thoughts influence on your beliefs around self-confidence and self-esteem
  • You will create awareness upon how your beliefs affect your NOW

  • 8-tal

    Duality – you cannot experience darkness without the light

  • Question asked: Why is life learn in the spectrum of duality, where reflection puts life in perspective?
  • We look at opposites to put life into perspective
  • We create awareness about our inherent duality – both masculine and feminine energy
  • We challenge ego versus humility to create unity and balance
  • We work with shame and guilt in regard to emotions and lust
  • We learn through the polarities of fear and love
  • You will experience that your deep love overcomes your fear of being rejected – as who you are

  • 9-tal

    Intuition – your inner compass (Guest Teacher)

  • Question asked: What is intuition, how to trust it, and how to use it in the NOW?
  • We work with the understanding of intuition as a feeling – not a thought
  • We look at how we can cleanse our energy center
  • We create you emotional compass with take off in courage, emotions and intuition
  • We promote your abilities to inspire and heal
  • You learn to listen to and understand your intuition

  • 10-tal

    Manifestation and reflection – what have you learned?

  • Questions asked: What hope and dreams do you have, and what do you wish to experience in near future?
  • We end up finding the core of your individuality
  • You work with your vision for your future with Emotion Reflection Theory as part of your life
  • You put your dreams and visions into words
  • You create new hope and a concrete plan to start synchronism and manifestation in your NOW
  • You are challenged to hold on to your emotions, your new reaction patterns and a new and meaningful life, where your heart and intuition lead the way

    Dates for the first ERT-Mediators:

    Module 1:    7 August (offline) 9-16.30
    Module 2:   19 August (online) 18-22
    Module 3:   26 August (online) 18-22
    Module 4:    9 September (online) 18-22
    Module 5:   18 September (offline) 9-16.30
    Module 6:   30 September (online) 18-22
    Module 7:   14 October (online) 18-22
    Module 8:   28 October (online) 18-22
    Module 9:   11 November (online) 18-22
    Module 10:   27 November (offline) 9-16.30


    Emotional Reflection Theory helps you to walk
    the human pathway to your soul …


    We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education