Learn about one to many with ERT

IN SPORT AND IN BUSINESS START the ERT journey among collegues. And find a way to follow a joint path to unfold the individual as well as the collective potential.

There are many ways, but in business as well as in sport alot of emotions arise, in the ERT theory we work with the 5 basic emotions: Love, anger, grief, envy and fear. We ask you as an individual in a group or a team to look at your reaction pattern and the emotion. And we encourage you to see if there is compliance between the emotion and the reaction.

In this paradox there is a gift to unfold human potential and create better results.

I would love to share all I know about the NOW - so you can experience HOW TO CREATE BETTER RESULTS IN GROUP OR TEAMS!


Online - One to Many

Online we have worked with BMW and helped more than 400 people to improve wellbeing at work and with the very positive sideeffect on results.

Offline - One to Many

Teambuilding, leadership training and sport events, all with the focus on awakening the emotions in a funny setting, and from here we guide how to grow as an individual and together with a group or team create wellbeing and better result not only in numbers but also the thrive of the people.

The seed for the Emotional Reflection Theory was planted 10 years ago, and nurtured further when I join a team to start a new professional bachelor degree.
I was responsible for the emotional wellbeing of the students and here I experienced that it could be done differently and in a more efficient way with the responsibility given back to the student so they did not feel dependent on a coach.
I believe in setting people free to live and experience who they are - in the NOW!


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education