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IN PERSON The first model is “the now”, it teaches you to stop and feel your emotions. For most people that is very difficult in the beginning.

BUT:"How do you get to know and understand my emotions?” The ERT theory introduce you to the 5 basic emotions: Love, anger, grief, envy and fear. Further it leads you to focus on your reaction pattern, because we often react very different from the actual emotion, because we as humans try to hide our actual emotion and vulnerable inner self.

To protect our inner self we create a personality of reaction patterns as a shield to be broken - if you are ready to unfold your potential.

I would love to share all I know about the NOW - so you can experience and unfold YOUR GREAT POTENTIAL!


Coaching, Therapy and Mentoring

I have helped people for more than 10 years from all over the world - if you fell, that I could be the one to help you with your next step in life - or lets call it an adventure, the let´s talk...


The ERT theory is the main theory in an approved energy therapy education.

The seed for the Emotional Reflection Theory was planted 10 years ago, and nurtured further when I join a team to start a new professional bachelor degree.
I was responsible for the emotional wellbeing of the students and here I experienced that it could be done differently and in a more efficient way with the responsibility given back to the student so they did not feel dependent on a coach.
I believe in setting people free to live and experience who they are - in the NOW!


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education