How to work with ERT?

The ERT theory has been developed and tested for more than 10 years. It is a universal theory for personal development, which means that it can be applied in several contexts, from personal, over sports and to companies. The ERT theory is used today in both the context "one to one" and "one to many".

IN PERSONAL: The ERT theory is used in “one to one” in therapy, coaching sessions, mentoring courses and training in personal development. The ERT theory is the main theory in an approved energy therapy education, where there is the possibility of RAB approval (state approved - registered alternative therapist) The ERT theory has also been used to promote the wellbeing of children in schools. The setup was days where we worked with only the children, days when children were with their parents and days for the parents alone.

IN BUSINESS: The ERT theory is applied in companies and used both as "one to one" for employees and management development and "one to many", where it is used to give lectures, team building courses, management development and holding workshops both online and offline with up to 400 employees.

IN SPORT: The ERT theory is a fantastic supplement to mental training which is already an established part of the world of sports, but combining training in both emotionally and mentally, we create some solid athletes. We have already worked with several young professional golfers who express that the ERT theory helps them to remain calm, overview and thereby create better results.


How Can You Work With ERT?

Let's have a talk - because in all modesty, only the imagination sets the limit - because in everything we do in our everyday lives we meet our emotions. Right there in the NOW, where we are affected by an emotion that ends up acting inappropriately - right there, we have the opportunity to create results that can be heard, seen and felt.

Create New Results With ERT!

Every experience in the NOW is here for us to learn, unfold potential and create better results. The question is; are you ready to create new results? I would love to share all I know about the NOW - so you can experience how to create better results through the ERT theory!

The seed for the Emotional Reflection Theory was planted 10 years ago, and nurtured further when I join a team to start a new professional bachelor degree.
I was responsible for the emotional wellbeing of the students and here I experienced that it could be done differently and in a more efficient way with the responsibility given back to the student so they did not feel dependent on a coach.
I believe in setting people free to live and experience who they are - in the NOW!


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education