ERT-Therapist is the third module of the Emotional Reflection Theory – Education. Admission to this module requires 150 hours therapist education with focus on personal development. The purpose of this module is to combine the established and the alternative world. Therefore we take the science from module 2 a step further looking into aspects of inherited DNA, how the nervous systems function is to convey and coordinate information from the internal and external environment to keep the body in a perfect balance (homeostasis). Further the brain and the limbic system has a crucial role in the emotional life, and that psychosomatic has three ways of affecting the body, the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and neurotransmitter neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are directly linked to the brain centre that has to do with emotions. Lastly sensing and reaction patterns were previously essential for survival in battles. Today battle is no longer everyday life in the Western world, but sensing and reaction patterns are still closely interlinked and inappropriate reaction patterns can have a very negative outcome.

The ERT Therapist use the inappropriate reaction patterns as access talk about how they are often unconscious escape mechanisms, where the client is trying to escape from the NOW. Through simple tools the client is guided to stay in the NOW, and after repeatedly to stay the nervous system will understand that there is nothing to fear, and there is no reason to flight through and inappropriate reaction pattern. At this point is where the trauma, that lives unconsciously in the nervous system as a present event is overwritten in the NOW.

This module is obligatory if you want to obtain the RAB registration and you can only call yourself ERT Therapist when you have the anatomy, physiology and pathology.


- Starts August 2022
- 5 modules = 100 hours
- Online 1 evening with Q&A of 2 hours
- Offline 10 days of 7½ hours
- Offline location in Fredensborg
- Exam by appointment


- 10 offline days with learning treats
- Inspiring Guest Teachers
- Compendium 150 pages
- Practical exercises
- 2 hours supervision one to one (with Luise)
- FULL Exam Certificate = ERT-Therapist (incl. RAB)

The ERT-Therapist module ends with an exam consisting of both a written assignment off 15-20 pages and an oral exam of 45 minutes. In the assignment the student has to illustrate how you work with Emotional Reflection Theory together with a client, assisting in overwriting shocks and traumas. This assignment is obligatory for you to continue to the official RAB registration. You will receive a FULL Certificate.

What are you waiting for? Just jump right into the NOW …!




The mirror of ERT


The body and ERT


The mind and ERT


The heart and ERT


The intuition and ERT

Dates for the first ERT-Therapist:

Module 1:    27-28 August both days 9-16.30
Module 2:   24-25 September both days 9-16.30
Module 3:   22-23 October both days 9-16.30
Module 4:    12-13 November both days 9-16.30
Module 5:   3-4 December both days 9-16.30

Q&A:   5 October 20-22


There is no NOW with out you experiencing it with your body, mind and heart!


We are grateful to provide information about Emotional Reflection Theory and the ERT-Education